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Big Trouble by Dave Barry

I am a Dave Barry fan. I enjoy his sense of humor, even though he doesn't hit the mark for me every single time. He does often enough. I read his newspaper columns, and when he gathers them into a collection, I buy the book.

Big Trouble engendered excitement because it was, as commentators remarked, Barry's, "first work of fiction!" I heard him respond in interviews, "You know those columns I write? I make a lot of that stuff up." He said all he had to do to write this book was learn a few things like character and plot.

When I bought the book, I suppose I thought I'd get the typical Barry book, with enough humor that worked often enough to make the read worthwhile. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for. The intricate plots and memorable characters made this the best book I read that year.

Barry's author friend and fellow player in the bad band, The Rock Bottom Remainders, Steven King, wrote a blurb for the jacket that advised readers to place pillows all around before they begin this book; that way, "when you fall off your chair laughing you won't hurt yourself."

I didn't fall of my chair, but I did laugh so hard I dropped the book.

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